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Welcome & Thank You For Your Interest !

Just a Few Hundred Yards Inside Mexico, Superb Caring Holistic Healthcare Awaits ...

We're located In the International Border zone of Tijuana/San Diego, only a few blocks inside Tijuana, Mexico. We've been providing "Non-Consensus" "Non-Cookbook" Alternative / CAM Healthcare to the World since 1989.   

Our Outpatient clinic is walking distance (500 yards) from the Border Gate to make it easy for Americans who want to come without having to drive into Tijuana. Driving in is not recommended right now due to all the construction and road changes. We can meet you and give a ride or guide you in. 


We're a licensed US / Mexican Corporation and choose to maintain our clinic here to offer the best of Alternative / Naturopathic as well as Allopathic Healthcare Options available, allowing us to work according to the dictates of our conscience rather than within the extremely limiting confines of "MIC" (Medical-Industrial-Complex) dictates and Standard of Care limitations.

We're 100% physician owned and operated (unlike many alternative clinics in TJ which are owed by foreign entrepreneurs and investors) so we are able to practice freely without constraints put on the physicians by insurance companies, lawyers, etc.which puts profit over people. This also allows us to keep costs down and offer many services less expensively than larger corporate owned clinics can. We haven't raised our prices in 10 years.

Patient Care is ALWAYS First. We're a Christian clinic and practice according to the dictates of conscience, not according to some Consensus, Standardized, Cookbook Protocols which can never work since humans aren't Standardized ! We work to find and treat the underlying causes, not just treat symptoms.

(From Left to Right: Dr.Sonia, Dr.Freeman, Dr.Bormann in chair receiving Ozone Autohemotherapy w/UV Blood Irradiation by Debbie the Nurse)

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