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Dr.Bormann having her blood treated with ozone and ultraviolet blood irridiation with UV-C. Great for prevention or infections such as influenza, etc.


  • Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT)
  • I.M. (intramuscular)
  • SC (subcutaneous)
  • NeuroMuscular (into nerves, muscles)
  • Rectal Insufflation
  • Prolo Ozone (injectable for pain and soft tissue injuries or infections)

Hydrogen Peroxide IV

Watts/Klenner High Dose Vitamin C Drips


High Dose IV-C / Klenner Protocol

UVBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irridiation)

Methelene Blue

Philosophical Platform:

It is well established in medicine and science that many conditions and illness exist in a "hypoxic" state. Hypoxia means without oxygen (think fermentation / swamp ). Micro-organisms have an amazing adaptability and in fact some become "oxygen loving" or aerobic. The anerobic forms tend to be those which cause disease, such as E Coli, fungi. 

The key to success using Oxidative modalities like Ozone, lies in the proper administration of Volume, Strength, Length of exposure (time), number of exposures, virulence of the microbe being treated, circulation, etc. This is the reason it is important to know what other therapies have been down, how they have been performed, responses, etc. to determine what is appropriate and what the particular patient's effective dose will be and which modalities should be used.

Failure in Oxidative protocols comes from not doing a proper work up, not giving effective dose for the patient, not making sure they have sufficient antioxidant reserves to handle the oxidative stress, detoxification pathway issues, poor circulation, etc.

There are many different types of Oxidative Modalities and one must know which ones are appropriate for each case, or a blend. For instance, you would not do Ozone MAHT the same day as High Dose IV-C drips since it may be too much oxidation.

For infections, making the internal environment hostile to harmful microbes quickly by increasing tissue and fluid oxygen levels and pressures in such as way as to reduce the potential for resistance being developed, change the intracellular pH through ionization, etc. (getting ahead of their replication cycle).

Unfortunately, gaining access to sequestered microbes can be difficult, especially in tissue-borne infections like herpes (ganglia) or spirochetes (spiral bacterium which love muscle tissue). Here, Medical Hyperbaric Oxygen has an advantage over Ozone Therapy which only addresses circulating microbes in blood and serum.

We have to also facilitate the removal of harmful by-products of oxidized metabolites and dead cells and debris, and help the body convert harmful substances to inert ones. This is where substances like Vasodialators, Far Infrared Sauna, Diet, Supplements, etc. come in.

It is important to boost or modulate the immunological changes happening as a result of the therapies to increase host resistance also.


Chronic or Acute Infections

  • Candida or other Fungal / Yeast Infections
  • Hepatitis A,B,C,E,G
  • Herpes I,II, etc. (tissue borne primarily)
  • Herpes Zoster ( chicken pox / shingles)
  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Eye Infections
  • EBV / ME (Epstein Barr Virus / Myelogic Encaphalitis / CFS)
  • HHV-6,7 (roseola virus, stealth mutation)
  • CMV (Cytomegalo Virus)
  • HIV
  • Mycoplasma Infections (Fermentens, Incognitus, etc.)
  • L-Form Microbial Infections (Lymes, etc.)
  • Vaccine Induced Injuries (Post Polio Syndrome, etc.)

Immuno Therapy for Cancer (especially helpful when combined with Dendritic Cell Therapy)

  • Sarcomas, Lymphomas, Melanoma, Leukemia, Neurological Tumors


  • Allergies
  • Asthma & COPD
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Pain Management (injectible)
  • Digestive Issues
  • Cancers
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome


This treatment entails inserting an IV line into the antecubital vein attached to a evacutainer glass bottle, approx. 250-500 ml. of whole blood is extracted into the bottle. It is heparinized. On the way into the bottle, it is passed through the UV-C device with specific wavelengths of light shown to be germicidal. We clamp off the line when the blood volume is reached, add Ozone gas at 60-70 mcg/ml strength. The blood is then mixed gently to allow thorough access of the cells to the ozone. 

We can visually tell when it is "done", and then we open up the line, and give the treated filtered blood back to the patient. The whole process takes approx. 1 hr. depending on the blood viscosity. We also hang a special potentization IV bag afterward with minerals, etc.

Patients should note there can sometimes be a Herxheimer reaction to the dead cellular debris caused by the dying infected cells. A low grade fever can erupt as the immune system initiates the attack and removal process and the Liver has to help with the removal process. Increased water and electrolyte (fresh lemon water is good) intake is useful as is moving around to facilitate Lymphatic movement. Unless the fever gets too high, we do not recommend taking Aspirin, Tylenol or other anti-pyretics. Cold baths, showers or wash cloths should be used to manage it if possible.


Due to the intense nature of these therapies, patients will get fatigued and need assistance. For Outpatient Services, we do not provide extra nursing or assistance. We have a pool of people who can come and help but it would be a paid caregiver and it would cost extra. 

We do not recommend undergoing these intense therapies without the help of someone capable and committed to help with anything that is needed. If the case is obviously very serious, we will require the patient to become In Patient at one of our excellent hospitals where we can provide 24 hr. nursing, meals, etc.


This therapy is made popular by Ed McCabes Book and website "Flood Your Body With Oxygen". It is an extreme form of major autohemotherapy. It consists of treating the entire blood volume per session with ozone and filtration systems similar to dialysis.   

It was created by Basil Wainright, in the 1990s, who was an inventor and conman who worked in the automotive industry. He became a convicted international felon (securities fraud, practicing medicine without a license, etc.). Despite stories to the contrary, he had no degrees whatsoever. He was not a physicist or a doctor.

He patented the PA device in 1994 as a "cure" for AIDS but could never get it manufactured en mass for use clinically, primarily we believe because ozone doctors knew it was extreme and unnecessary so the market was limited. His company "Anglo American" was in Tecate, Mexico, and built and sold ozone generators. His reputation in Mexico was that of a fraud and huxter. We had one patient who personally lost over $100,000 investing in his company in the early mid 1990s.  

We also personally witnessed the problematic PA equipment a colleague in TJ got directly from Basil and all the problems associated both with it's unreliability and with the procedures themselves and potential damage to the patients.

Basil Wainwright - - News - Miami - Miami New Times

Basil fled the UK to the US (Michigan and Florida) then Kenya and then eventually he landed in Malaysia / Indonesia and worked with Peter Jovanovic (Jovan for short), who continues it's promotion after Basil's death some years ago. He popularized it in the underground AIDS community. They claim that the elimination of the virus in the blood via a negative test means that the patient is cured ! This lie has led to a lot of unnecessary suffering in our opinion...

Where is RHP/EBOO available ? -- There are a couple of hospitals offering it in Malaysia and other Indonesian countries where Basil was living in his later life, however it is not available anywhere else in the world despite the fact that many countries approve ozone therapies like Europe and Canada. No one in Mexico does it. 

There are several websites associated with Ed McCabe or his associates, who are the only ones which promote it. Since Basil was incarcerated in S.Florida and Ed is from S.Florida, the connection is understandable. No one else in the Ozone community promotes this therapy.  

Websites involved are: is one; Mr.Ozone;;;;

Treating the entire blood volume is NOT necessary to reduce circulating viruses and increase immune responses. It creates a huge electrolyte imbalance which can become dangerous in fragile patients. Dr.Bormann has helped one family whose son died as a result of treatment in Indonesia (End stage AIDS who should NEVER gone there for treatment). The family paid $17,500 for 2 weeks of treatment instead of the $4400 they were quoted.

Buyer Beware. The experience we are told from patients who have gone to Indonesia is that desperate Americans are viewed as a source of $$, so the prices quoted are never what is actually paid. Typical prices run between $15-$40,000 in real life. The few thousand quoted is a "hook" to get you there and once there, they jack up the prices and figure that Americans won't leave since they took the trouble to get there. There is a lot of graft and corruption. Be careful. Also, remember that this is a Sharia Islam region and Westerners are not liked.

For More Information, Contact Dr.Bormann, our US Case Coordinator, or Dr.Rodriguez at the numbers below.

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