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CANCER & PreCancer Program

NOTE: All Medical Services are performed on the Mexican side of the Border. We're located just 500 yards from the San Diego / Tijuana Border gate. You can walk in or drive your own car and park.

For every form of cancer, there is always someone to be found who has recovered from it. Just because traditional Standard-of-Care Medicine says it is impossible, we prefer to believe in HOPE since anyone can be the exception.. As long as there is Life there is Hope.

Recovering from Cancer is more than just "Fighting" it. As with any chronic condition, there is no such thing as a magic bullet and so no one therapy or approach works. You need to focus on the whole person, not a diagnostic tag or a specific therapy. You're treating a dynamic living system, not a car ! :-) From a biological standpoint, we have to insure that the environment of the body is such that cancer cells cannot survive or cause disease. Just using a biological approach isn't enough.

We need to remove toxins, replenish nutrients, restore circulation and detoxification capability, balance biochemistry, strengthen the immune system, reduce free radicals, and address the underlying subconscious issues that are driving everything. This is an on-going process. There are many causes for cancer - physiological, biochemical, environmental, energetic, infectious, spiritual and emotional. For each person these causes come together in ways that are unique to that person. While the name or the stage of the diagnosis may be the same, no two cancers are the same for any two people. Therefore Standard-of-Care approaches and protocols are doomed to failure. Cookbook Medicine is beyond useless, it's actually proven very harmful.

Our goal is to help identify the root causes for the individual and develop methods unique to the patient to help remove or reduce them so that the body can heal itself. The goal is to safely disarm it, allow the body to put it into remission and prevent it from recurring, and manifest vibrant health.

We list many modalities and therapies below and not all are used with each patient. We add new things as science and experience warrants it. If a therapy you're interested in is not listed, please call us. It's possible we've had experience with it but neglected to put it here. There are new therapies or modalities coming up all the time and sometimes it's hard to keep up !


If a patient is too weak and requires 24 hour nursing and care, we utilize the services of one of several hospitals in the area including the newest largest most advanced Hospital, Hospital Angeles. The hospital chosen will be based on the case parameters and facilities available.


Our outpatient clinic is small intentionally so we can give direct care instead of handing it off to nurses and therapists. Dr.Sonia is directly involved in caring daily for patients. We sometimes bring in specialists or nurses as a case requires.  

One general foundational principle with Cancer: ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR & REDUCED PUFAS WHICH FEEDS CANCER.


Medical Hyperthermia: Localized topical; Intra-Cavitary, Whole Body Systemic

Low Level Whole body Hyperthermia for Pain & Detox, Chronic Infections, Immune Stimulation, etc.

Ozone Major Autohemotherapy w/UVBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation). Antimicrobial. Many conditions have an underlying active infectious agent which must be addressed.

Ozone Tissue or Joint Injections w/Prolo Therapy for Pain, Inflammation, etc.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

IV Therapies


Chelation (Gordon Push Method)

Cesium Chloride

Klenner High Dose IV-C low & slow

Acemannen from Aloe for immune stimulation/antiviral

Iscador™ or other herbal extracts

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids

R-Glutathione, R-ALA

Polarity Therapy (Polaris)

Inhalation Therapy (nano-particle platinum, magnesium, GE132, Ozol, etc.)

Colonic Hydrotherapy w/ozone



Minor Surgeries

Live Blood Cell Analysis 


Newcastle Vaccine

Dendritic Cell Therapy

Whole body Hyperthermia

Several other new promising things coming


This is an autologous injectable series produced from the patient's own blood. It is an immune therapy used to help the body "recognize" cancer and go after it.


Done with a long standing Pioneer in the field, Dr.Ramirez Del Rio who is in the building next door. He only uses cord blood, placental or adult stem cells


Blood Work / Chemistry

Immune System Evaluation

Specialty Diagnostics like PCR, etc.

Metabolic Toxin Load (candida and other fungi, parasite testing, xenobiotics, etc.)

Hormones (DUTCH®)

Heavy Metal Load

Oncoblot® Cancer Screen

IMAGING (usually 1/3rd the cost of US)


CT Scan


Ultrasound / Doppler

Laproscopic Surgical Procedures


Meridian Tapping is an inexpensive simple method to help find & work on the underlying emotional issues we all have which drive biology, in order to change cellular behavior and enhance health. The subconscious beliefs need to be addressed to allow healing and health to manifest. It helps with the stress which contributed to the development and progression of Cancer.

We have seen good success in patients who use such techniques along with Prayer, Meditation, etc. to help disarm life's stresses.


Anti-Neoplastics & Antiangiogenics

(Shark Liver Oil, Paw Paw, etc.)

Benzaldehydes & Dialdehydes "Iridodial"

Venus Fly Trap Extract

Cesium Chloride

Too many to list here. 

Bio-Oxidative Therapy (Ozone Major Autohemotherapy, Artemisinin/ß-Artemether/Artusenate Complex

DMSO IV, ORAL is fantastic for pain and is an antineoplastic agent in its own right

High pH Therapy (Brewer/Nieper)

We pioneered IV Cesium Chloride back in the 1990s. We give it together with Aloe Extract Acemannen IV in appropriate cases

(Research Dr.Brewer's work who created this at the Brewer Science Library--Lillian) Brewer Science Library--Brewer Articles

Pain Management

Oral Nontoxic Meds from Germany

Infrared & Photo Therapy

Ozone Prolotherapy

Pharmaceutical Pain Med detox done right, if needed

Molecular Hydrogen topical & IV

Sodium BiCarb Therapy (Simoncini)

For this to be successful, it has to be put right onto the cancer if there is a solid tumor. A general i.v. or drinking it will not work. It may entail a surgical procedure like lavage or implant of port into the main artery or blood supply vessel to an organ. See Dr.Simoncini's website for more information

Nutrition & Dietary Modification

Not everyone should be vegetarian. We base the patient's diet on several factors including allergies and blood type (Not D'Adamo). A Low Glycemic Ketogenic Diet is Critical for Success. We try to incorporate Clinical Enzyme Nutrition principles also.

JUICING: Juicing is helpful if done properly. We prefer whole food extraction (Nutribullet®, VitaMix®, etc.) over juicing which removes fiber.

Fresh sprouts are fantastic source of protein and minerals and antioxidant enzymes.

Nutritional Supplements & Nutraceuticals

Vitamins, Minerals, Aminos

Herbal Remedies

Homeopathic Agents

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement


Vitamin A & Carotinoids

Natural E Complex w/Tocotrienols

Natural C from Acerola Berry or Camu Camu

Bioflavanoids, food source

Nano-Minerals for instant absorption

SOD/CAT/PEROX Metabolic Enzymes

Enzymes with food & between meals


Essential Fatty Acids (Krill Oil, Coconut, etc.)

Various specialty therapeutics as indicated

NEW PATIENT EVALUATION: (APPROX. 4 HRS.) This is done at the clinic only. It consists of a full physical exam, lab work, live blood cell and dark field analysis which gives us an idea of a real-time status of the immune system, toxins, infections, etc.; and consultation and strategy with Dr.Sonia. It costs $450 USD and is due and payable at the time of service. If the patient chooses to stay and start treatment, then you need to pay for the first week's treatment in advance to begin.

REFUNDS: Should there be any kind of problem and the patient has to stop treatment and leave early, we deduct the daily rate for services rendered and any balance is refunded. This is not a common practice for clinics in Mexico. Many expect the full program fee up front and have no refund policy. There are no refunds for payment of outsideservices such as surgeon insertion of IV subclavian line, specialists brought in for the case, Imaging, etc. Specialists such as the surgeon or other fees are NOT included in the fees we quote because we don't know what they will be. They will need to be paid at the time the service is rendered.  

Vascular Surgeon's Subclavian Port Installation Fee

In order to make doing IVs easier, we require a subclavian multi-port to be installed if the patient doesn't already have one. It eliminates the inherent issues with getting and maintaining an IV line in chronically ill patients who typically have terrible venous access. Therefore we prefer to have a subclavian IV line installed by our contract Vascular Surgeon. This is a one time procedure which is required unless the patient already has a PIC or other line in. The surgeon's fee usually runs around $400 USD and is billed and paid for separately.

Financial Policies: We are basically fee-for-service. Our owner/physician, Dr.Sonia Rodriguez makes all final financial decisions. She is extremely busy and so initial New Patient Case Reviews are usually handled by our Patient Coordinator, Dr.Bormann / Arrowhead Healthworks.

Dr.Bormann can do the initial case review and consultation and give a general idea of logistics, lodging, and treatment costs but the final costs are specific to the case and what ends up being done, so all fees are finalized with Dr.Rodriguez and the patient.

Payment Methods: Cash/AMEX Travelers Checks / Bank Drafts (we can't accept personal checks).

Payment is expected to be made at the beginning of the week (Monday) in advance for each week's treatments. Specialty tests or other extra fees will be required to be paid when the procedure or test is performed (i.e. ultrasound, etc.)

Out Patient Service Fees DO NOT Include the cost of lodging or meals. This can easily add $200/day...

Insurance: Since we're a foreign clinic, we cannot accept US insurance. It is illegal. Because Medical Hyperthermia is a coded billable procedure, many patients recover all if not more than was paid if billed by a specialist who knows how to deal with the insurers. Therefore we offer an Insurance Administrative Company who specializes in helping recover reimbursements for Americans getting treated in foreign countries (Medical Tourism). We will provide a master bill and they can help you recover your expenses, usually 70-85% of them or more. These companies typically charge a % to be deducted from any recovery they help you achieve, typically 20%. It usually takes 6+ months to get any recovery monies, depending on your insurer.

For Travel Tips, See the link on Travel and Lodging.


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