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Chelation is therapy for Heart Disease and Circulatory conditions as well as being beneficial for the removal of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, etc. It is not known to chealate mercury well although some insist it will.

Different Kinds of Chelation For Different Issues

IV Chelation

Typically chelation has been given IV in clincs and required a minimum of 30 drips, 3-4 hrs. each using Sodium EDTA which some say has the potential for kidney damage, hence the need for such long drips. Recent changes made by Dr.Garry Gordon has changed all of this.

Newer Rapid Push Method / "Gordon Method": In recent years a newer more effective protocol was developed following the European method, by Dr.Garry Gordon. This new rapid IV Push method is more effective and much faster and less expensive. A solution of Calcium DiSodium EDTA is pushed into the vein using a syringe and given in 5-10 min. or so. Some people who are uncomfortable may need it to be given as a 100cc IV drip instead over a short time instead, but 3 hr. IV drips are no longer necessary. They may still be done by those who are not keeping up with recent studies. There is no longer any medical rational for the old Sodium EDTA drips.  

Oral Liposome or Rectal Suppository Chelation

There are several good oral liposomal chelation formulas available now which can be used alongside the IV therapy. There is also one company which provides it in suppository form which also works.

Heavy Metal Detox:

The key to effective chelation is to understand what kind of heavy metals need to be chelated and what works best for each metal. EDTA is NOT effective for everything. It is a good blood thinner but that is a separate issue. Some of the more exotic metals require things like cracked chlorella, fuicoidan, and other algae for chelating radioactive metals like cesium, strontium 90, radioactive iodine 133, etc. Algae chelates most other metals including mercury and methylmercury. Algae is a type of fungus and it eats metals and stores it in the outer walls. When we see patients with elevated mercury, they frequently have elevated Candida and other fungal species. They are there because there is food for them. They act as the clean up crew. When we start killing candida, mercury and other heavy metals frequently go sky high on the labs because they're sequestering metals. It needs to be done with a kidney protective protocol since these heavy metals in large quantities can damage kidneys.

What Conditions Is Chelation Beneficial For?

  • Cardiovascular Disease (DVT, PVD, Congestive Heart Failure, Stroke, TIA, etc.)
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain Syndromes
  • Chronic Infections (Yeast, Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses, etc.)
  • AutoImmune (Reynauds, ALS, Parkinsons, MS, Sjorgens, etc.)
  • Antiaging & Prevention (everyone has excess LEAD in their bodies)

Customized Programs

Each individual requires their own program. Standardized protocols don't work. An evaluation and treatment program will be put together for each person separately based on their unique needs.

How Long Is Your Program?

It varies with the patient, however we recommend 30 treatments for those who are not seriously ill. For those who are seriously compromised, we must go slower and longer. If the patient is compliant and is doing the home protocols consistently, results are much faster.

There is no magic program to remove all the heavy metal burden overnight. In fact, doing rapid chelation can be dangerous to the kidneys if done incorrectly. For instance, lead stores in the bones and takes years to reduce. It actually takes about 15 years for bones to totally remodel so a good chelation program must be ongoing and be part of a regular regimen at home.


They May Include:

Dietary Changes

Supplements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.)

Nutracuticals (green drinks, bio-identical hormones, etc.)

Home Care Equipment (juicers, saunas, ozone generators, etc.)

(Note: we don't carry or sell all the equipment. We just may recommend a model or resource)

Watts Drips (Natural Chelation without EDTA) given low & slow over 24 hrs. preferably

This is a specialized formula created by Dr.Watts in the 1980s. We do not publish the ingredients due to agreement with the formulator. This is a powerful chelator and helps many conditions beyond cardiovascular. 

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