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for Cancer and Infectious Disease


Heat has been used to treat illness since ancient times in various forms. The Egyptians thought fever was due to demonic possession. The Greeks were of the belief it was beneficial and Hippocrates writings contain evidence it was beneficial. Most cultures still use some form of fever therapy in saunas, sweat lodges, steam baths, etc. to this day.

Medical Hyperthermia as we're discussing it here is the use of specifically directed heat to treat Cancer as well as Infectious Disease. Cancer cells can't protect themselves against heat like regular cells can because they don't have the enzymes necessary. Cancer cells die very rapidly when the local tissue or whole body core is heated up within specific ranges. Hyperthermia also helps improve the immune response, helping the body "recognize" & attack cancer via Dendritic Cell & NK Cell Up-regulation.

In Oncology, in the mid 1990s, Hyperthermia actually became the 4th approved treatment modality besides surgery, chemo, radiation, in the US. However, in the US it is only allowed to be done alongside with radiation or chemotherapy as an enhancer or to increase their effectiveness.

Why Is It Not Well Known? In a word: politics. The US is one of the only countries in the world where it is required to only be used with Radiation or Chemo. It is not this way in the rest of the world.

We believe that because insurers are involved many times in policy making and also that there isn't enough $$ in it to use as a stand alone therapy. It is available without chemo or radiation in the rest of the world where it works well with other IV modalities which are not permitted to treat cancer in the US. In the US, physicians are limited to surgery, radiation and chemo and sometimes experimental drugs or they risk a huge fine ($10,000+) and a year in prison and the loss of their licenses. Hence the reason we need to work in Mexico to offer the benefits of this therapy.


  • Bone (primary or metastatic)
  • Breast
  • Brain
  • Cervical
  • Endometrial
  • Esophageal
  • Gastric (stomach, liver, pancreatic, etc.)
  • Head & Neck
  • Leukemia (whole body)
  • Liver (primary or metastatic)
  • Lung (primary or metastatic)
  • Lymphoma
  • Lymph metastatic
  • Metastatic Cancer
  • Ovarian
  • Pancreatic
  • Parotid Gland
  • Prostate
  • Skin
  • Stomach
  • Testicular
  • Thoracic
  • Thyroid & Parathyroid
  • Tongue

Some Mechanism of Action: There are many mechanisms why Hyperthermia is beneficial. For simplicity, I will focus on Cancer for the moment. As a result of the heat applied to the cancer cells, and their inability to repair themselves (it disables the S-phase of the mitotic process), cancer cells die exponentially when exposed to certain temperatures. This is a form of apoptosis (programmed cell death). The massive cell death in turn creates a localized acidic condition which also inhibits cancer cell growth.

Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs)

Cancer cells will die from attack by the immune system that results from Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) produced by the heat and cell destruction. HSPs are immune surveillance molecules released from damaged cells, which stimulate Dendritic cell activity (presenting cells) which in turn notify the immune system to the presence of the cancer, which normally it does not "see" because the cancer cells produce a blocking chemical so the receptors which would trigger their death are not activated. Hyperthermia also stimulates innate immunity, allowing the immune system to stimulate the activity of cytotoxic lymphocytes (white blood cells) to mop up the debris and boosting immune response. (1)  

Dendritic Cell & NK Cell Immune Therapy Upregulation

Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) released from tumor cells during hyperthermia act as a potent activation signal to the immune system, particularly Dendritic Cells & Natural Killer Cells. This is one foundational reason that Whole Body Hyperthermia is used to treat chronic infection also since many infectious organisms "turn off" immune surveillance and blind the immune system to their presence.

Various Methods Can Be Used To Generate Heat:

Chemically (oral, injectable, topical--i.e.Mistletoe, Hematoxylin, Coley's Toxins, etc.)

Energetically (Microwaves, Radio waves, Ultrasound, Short Wave & Far Infrared)

Implantable Seeds (Metallic Seeds and Magnetic nano-particles used with radiation or IRA)

Direct Tissue Ablation using Radio wave or Ultrasound (HiFU, etc.)

Molecular Hyperthermia using specific applicators externally to treat deep internal organs like liver. This is the newest form and is from France.


Localized External Hyperthermia (Topical)

Topical Application using leads with diodes or an array gets the local area heated to (106-113˚F/ 42˚C min). and maintained there for at least 1 hr. The mechanism of action is essentially boiling the water around cells and initiating cell death and stimulation of HSPs (heat shock proteins). Heat shock proteins help the immune system "see" the cancer among other mechanisms. This is performed in a medical facility with trained and properly equipped physicians. Our devices use topical applicators similar to EKG leads and a special computerized program to read and deliver the appropriate amount of pulsed microwave energy to drive the specific tissue to the correct core temp and keep it there for at least 1 hr.

To the right is our Focused Pulsed Microwave Hyperthermia Unit, made in the USA by Celsion Labs (formerly Cheung Labs). It is designed for treating Carcinomas, Lymphomas, Melanoma, Blastomas, etc Used for more superficial tumors that are not too deep or large, as well as external tumors. Combined with our Metabolic Treatments, we've seen excellent results with Breast, Cervical, Lymphoma, Melanomas, Liver, Breast, Lung, Ovarian, etc.

Other technologies used for Localized External Hyperthermia include Filtered IR-A, Radiowave and Hi Focused Ultrasound (HiFU). HiFU. HiFU is not really the same as Hyperthermia since it is primarily used to ablate (vaporize) the tissues as an option instead of laser. It has risks of scar tissue and nerve damage especially for Prostate CA.

Intra-Cavitary Internal Hyperthermia

This requires the use of specific devices and water cooled probes designed to deliver the energy int he proper area heat up areas like the Prostate, Colon, Rectum, Cervix, Endometrium, etc. 

To the Right is our Intracavitary Hyperthermia Unit custom made in the US by Cheung Labs. It produces pulsed microwave to treat cancers such as Uterine, Endometrial, Cervical, Rectal, Prostate.

Internal Localized Surgical Hyperthermia is where there is a surgical intervention and surgically implanted probes are applied directly to the tissue or organ to be treated. This requires MRI guidance and surgery and we do not do this type of Hyperthermia at our facility.



Great for treating any Cancer, especially Metastatic. It is also fantastic for treating many other things like Infections, Cardiovascular Disease, Fibromyalgia & Pain Syndromes, Diabetic Neuropathy, etc. (Most conditions benefit with body cores of 102˚F-104˚F)

For Cancer, this method entails heating up the whole body core temp to a specific therapeutic range. The US does not recognize or approve Wholebody Hyperthermia for the treatment of Cancer (it has only been done in research and trials with chemo). The therapeutic core temp range for LLWBHT is 104˚-105˚F to achieve significant Heat Shock Protein development. This is one of the primary mechanisms to treat metastatic cancer or infection systemically.

Therapeutic Heat Level Descriptions:

Mild 37.5-38.5˚C (99-101˚F) (thermal therapy, lamps, heat pads, etc.)

Moderate 38.5-40.5˚C (101-104.9˚F)

Extreme 40.5-42˚C (104.9-107.6˚F)

Whole Body Hyperthermia Methods Include:

Fever Therapy: Chemically Induced Fever using IV and or Mistletoe Extract (viscus), Hematoxalin, BCG Vaccine, Coley's Toxins, Hot Bath Wraps, etc. This is a very broad hit-and-miss method. This is not always successful and getting the temperature up and keeping it up consistently high enough for a period of time over weeks is not easy since it depends on the patient's immune system, hypothalamus, thyroid conversion, iodine tissue levels, etc. It can debilitate the patient. It is still used in many clinics around the world since Cancer frequently would disappear in patients with infections who developed fevers (Coley's research). Generally Moderate Heat Level is used here.

Devices Used For Heat Induction:

Supine style Far Infrared Saunas For Whole Body Treatment: this entails heating up the whole body using Far Infrared Light Energy to drive the body's core temperature up to 104.5˚F and keeping it there for anywhere from 30 min. to 4 hrs., at least 3 times a week or as needed. Far Infrared energy heats from the inside out. For Cancer patients, we recommend doing it first at our clinic and then if there is stability, it can easily be done at home with your own unit under Dr.Bormann's guidance. Dr.Bormann manufactures the BioSpectra device for both clinical and home use. Theirs is also the only company which makes a dry far infrared ozone-compliant unit so that ozone may be used topically while inside. For more information see her website link:

Note: Box style wood saunas where your head is enclosed will NOT work for this because you can't stay in long enough to get the core temps up high enough, long enough. Also its dangerous to breath your or other sweats which are released from the wood inside since it's impossible to disinfect wood saunas. You can get severe lung infections like Legionnaires. They also harbor mold.

German Medical Whole body Hyperthermia Devices (Not legal in the US) for Extreme Whole Body Hyperthermia in ICU type environment.

German Medical Heckel Device (Filtered Infrared-A Radiation= shortwave infrared) (seen to the right here) where the sedated patient lies in the device and is heated to drive the core temps up to therapeutic range. The therapy must be done in a medically supervised ICU environment in case the patient goes into seizure. Therapeutic target range with these devices is in the Extreme range usually. It uses computer controlled diodes to continually measure temp, BP, ECG & Respirations. They use it combined with pyrogenic substances (create fevers from chemicals) and chemotherapy. The temperature is kept high for at many hours (6), so the treatment can only be done once a week or so because it is debilitating.The goal is to get the tumor temp to 108˚F and the rest of the body to 104˚F which is why it takes so long.

EXTREME MEASURES: In our opinion and clincal experience, it isn't necessary to use such extreme and potentially dangerous measures.(2)(3) It is expensive and can only be administred by trained physicians in Europe. There was one physician, Dr.Joan Bull, at Univ. of Texas, Houston who through an IRB was using a Heckel unit for clinical trials combining hyperthermia with Interferon-alpha and Doxirubicin Chemotherapy. Apparently they've sold it (Dr.Bormann spoke to the person who bought it through EBay). It's called "Thermochemotherapy" and is not something we recommend.



Heat therapy was used to manage and kill infections as far back as the Greeks. We know that once the tissues and blood reach approx. 102˚-104˚F for an extended period, most harmful microbes will die, including yeast, fungi, bacteria and virus. The immune activation which occurs around this temperature level to find and destroy invaders is well documented. The key to success in combating chronic infection is to combine it with other treatments like Klenner's Protocol for IV-C, to get ahead of the replication curve.

(Above is an image of B.Burgdorfi, one of the primary spirochete shaped bacterium which causes "Lymes" Disease which is one infection which dies rapidly when subjected to sufficient levels of heat).

Some German clinics say for instance that Lyme Bacteria only die at 105˚F, sometimes as high as 107˚F, done in an ICU environment sedated, and done once a week. Many people find benefit at treating at lower temps more often, and chronic infection patients need to do it at home if possible also for the best benefit.

Extra-Corporeal or Hemo Perfusion Hyperthermia. This procedure involves treating large volumes of blood by directly heating it and returning it to the body. In our opinion, THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS PROCEDURE AND WE WON'T DO IT. There are some clinics in Mexico who were doing it to treat AIDS. We believe it is not safe and the Mexican Health Dept. does not endorse it. One clinic has already been closed as a result. There are several Texas universities doing research in this area. (6)(7) There are also some research trials in the US for AIDS and other infections in conjunction with the use of chemotherapy. WE DO NOT OFFER THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT.



At Europa, we treat people, not a disease tag, so the protocols are custom to the patient. There is no cookbook, standardized protocols used. We avoid the use of drugs whenever possible however we do maintain a DEA license and can administer Class IV drugs if necessary (morophine, etc.). We're also able to perform surgeries if needed. 

An in person visit is required to do a physical exam and consultation with our physician to determine candidacy. We can do a phone consultation initially with a Case & Records Review and discussion with either Dr.Sonia or Dr.Bormann. After this we'll set up an initial clinic visit to do the exam and evaluation and give an idea of treatment options, pricing, treatment time, etc.


It depends on the patient's condition and whether they will be In Patient or Out Patient, and what we're treating. Advanced Cancer is longer than say an Antiaging program or Detox Program.

Most conditions we won't treat less than 10 days. Average Cancer Program is 21 treatment days. It just depends on the person and the case particulars and how they're responding.


For early Untreated limited (non metastatic) cancers in which the patient is otherwise in good health, 14 treatment days is the minimum recommended stay.

Advanced Cases: For those who have metastatic cancer and who have either failed traditional methods or for patients who chose not to use those options and have metastatic cancer, but who are stable and ambulatory, a minimum of 21 treatment days (3 wks) is recommended but the actual time will be based on what the patient and physician work out. Many times patients are debilitated from their treatments in the US and it takes time for us just help stabilize them and to prep them for killing the cancer. If their detox pathways are damaged, it can take longer. Each patient is different and the program must be custom designed to the patient's needs. Standardized programs don't work.


In General, advanced metastacised and debilitated patients who are not ambulatory will need to be In Patient since they will need 24 hr. nursing. The number of treatment days for these cases is not less than 21 but each case is different and the treatments will be based on what the patient, their family and the physician decide. In Patients will need to be brought over to our Out patient facility daily for their Hyperthermia treatments since the hospitals don't maintain Hyperthermia equipment. 


Our Cancer treatment program can include things like Ozone Autohemotherapy w/UVBI daily, Wholebody far infrared sauna, IV metabolic therapy like cesium or acemannen, quercetin, minerals, immune therapy (Dendritic Cell Therapy; Stem Cell Therapy), high dose IV-C, DMSO, Chelation, Homeopathy, Herbs, etc. Of course organic clean Non-GMO diet and water are part of it as well as Nutrition, Supplements, etc. We have dozens of therapeutics we can use both i.v., sublingual, i.m. or oral. If there is something specific the patient is interested in, talk to the physician about it and we'll see if it is appropriate and we'll be glad to discuss options.


We recommend bringing a care giver / assistant also to help with record keeping, medication administration, meals, taking notes, etc.

We do bring in a licensed physician specialist to insert a subclavian main line for IV therapies and there is a separate charge for this service. 


Specialized Diagnostic Testing (Blood, Urine, Saliva Testing; CT, PET Scans, X-rays, Ultrasound, etc.)

Specialized Therapeutics (Dendritic Cell Autogenous Immune Therapy; RX Medications; Zadaxin, RX Pain Meds, Anti-nausea meds, Amino Acid Drips for detox, etc.)

Specialized Procedures (Surgery; Breathing tubes, Parenteral IV Nutrition, etc.)

Dental Consultations & Services

Outside Therapist Services (Massage; Colon Hydrotherapy, etc.)

Driver Services are available and we can facilitate it but you pay them separately

Specialized Meal Procurement

For More Information or to Schedule An Initial Phone Consultation, Call the US Coordinator's number below or call Dr.Rodriguez.


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