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One of the primary causes (pathology) of pain is that various acids build up in the nerves from metabolic processes, blocking the availability of oxygen in the tissue (hypoxia). Lack of oxygen is the underlying cause to most pain issues.

By providing oxygen to the tissues and nerves, we metabolize away the acid build up, change the pH back and restore the normal vibration rate for the nerves, eliminating the pain at its source by correcting the underlying cause.

PROLIFERENT THERAPY (aka "Prolo Therapy")

Years ago, a therapy called Prolotherapy (short for proliferent therapy) was created to repair torn ligaments, tendons and soft tissue and help reduce pain and stiffness in injuries and arthritis, etc.

It stimulates the body's own healing process from inside out. It entails the injection of various solutions with lidocaine at the base of the ligamental tear.


Creative Physicans like to adapt and improve on techniques and therapies so they can build a market for their practices. Dr.Shallenberger in Reno created a variation on the basic Prolotherapy procedure and called Prolozone® Therapy where he mixes different homeopathic remedies, lidocaine, oxygen, ozone and injects it into the affected areas, whether joint capsules, muscles, nerves, etc. It is claimed to have a superior effect to basic Prolotherapy but it really depends on the practitioner's skill and knowledge of anatomy.

In Mexico for many years the Mexican Ozone Association offers training and board certification for physicians. Dr.Rodriguez has been specially trained and Board Certified to offer this type of Ozone Therapy for pain management.and healing technique for many years. Dr.Rodriguez our founder is also a Surgeon, and she has been trained in these techniques and has done both ligamental injection as well as nerve injections with mixtures of oxygen, ozone, homeopathics, lidocaine. It is a very effective pain therapy which actually heals the underlying cause(s) of pain.

This is done with an injection of a mixture of various substances but always with oxygen, ozone, and lidocaine. Its effects are very rapid and besides bringing pain relief, can restore feeling to areas which are numb or in pain (Neuritis & Neuralgia).

For more thoughts on these types of therapies, please visit Dr.Hauser's page (Dr.Hauser is a long time Prolotherapy physician who has taught classes to physicians on it for many years. He is located in Oak Park, IL, outside Chicago.)


Originally developed in Germany in the 1920s by the Huenke brothers, both physicians. For more than 80 years, Neural Therapy has been taught in German medical schools and to this day is used by European physicians to identify and treat the underlying cause of pain and illness. Its success is based on finding and treating focal manifestation of electrophysiological cell membrane instability or interference fields.  

These electrical imbalances can trigger abnormal autonomic nervous system responses anywhere in the body. Interference fields may be found in scars, autonomic ganglia, teeth, internal organs or other locations where local tissue irritation exists.

What Does The Therapy Consist Of ??

Neural Therapy as defined at our clinic is a procedure where ozone and lidocaine with minerals are injected into scars and other tissue to restore proper nerve conduction and eliminate interference fields, allowing the body to restore homeostasis. A series of injections are performed (the area is preanethestized). Relief usually lasts for a while but is temporary and requires more sessions. The therapy is continued periodically and many individuals find the relief becomes permanent. It is generally very safe and effective.  

What Kind Of Things Can Be Treated ?

Chronic Migraines


Gastric Pain

Pain from Bone Deterioration (osteoporosis)

Structural Pain (Neck, Back, Shoulder, Legs, Feet, etc.)

Neuralgia & Neuritis from Diabetes, etc.

Chronic Pain Syndromes (RSD, etc.)

Post Surgical Pain

For more information or to set up an appointment for exam and evaluation, please call.

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