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High Dose, Low & Slow Drip (8-24 hrs.+) Mixed Fresh

As Per Dr. Fredrick Klenner's Protocols

Mega Doses of Vitamin C were originally created by Dr.Fredrick Klenner for the treatment of chronic infections and Polio in the 1940s & 50s. He published extensively over the years and many of his papers are available through the late Dr.Cathcart's website ( Orthomolecular Society. as well as Vitamin Vitamin C Foundation - China-Free™ Vitamin C Source


Many physicians are offering I.V.-C in the US now but they're doing it incorrectly in our opinion and charging for a useless treatment. They have time limitations because of license and business facility restrictions what we don't have in Tijuana. Most doctor's offices in the US are limited by the type of license or insurance to seeing patients only 8 per day (unless they register as a clinic) and can't keep patients late or overnight. However even an 8 hr. IVC drip is preferable to 3 hrs. of a useless bag mixed improperly :-)


When Dr.Klenner was alive, the type of Vitamin C raw material was not genetically modified, and was available from multiple sources like sugar beet, corn or rice, etc. It was mostly made in Europe under strict quality control.  

These days, 90+% of Vitamin C raw material is manufactured in China and comes from GMO Corn. You see, Vitamin C manufacture starts with a glucose culture and the source of the glucose is what determines whether or not it is effective or useless or even toxic (if GMO).  

Some years ago at an ACAM medical conference (the group that board certifies in Chelation), physicians were complaining about the lack of benefit their IV-C drips seemed to be having and a chemist got up and explained the differences between natural glucose and that which comes from GMO derived sources as the most likely answer as to the ineffectiveness of the drips. He noted also that Dr. Klenner always mixed each patient's batch fresh each time. and did not have a set time for a drip but ran them until he saw improvement (Klenner describes this in his papers). He never used prepared premixed injectables solution from a compounding pharmacy.

NON-GMO ONLY ! We only use verifiable origin L-Ascorbic from Non-GMO certified Corn, L-Ascorbate from European origin.


Vitamin C is extremely unstable and can oxidize down into the DL form very rapidly. The DL form is biologically inactive. Therefore, it is important for each IV to be mixed up fresh for each individual patient each time to insure the maximum activity. It must be done in a way to prevent exposure to oxygen and light, which oxidizes it into DL-Ascorbate, which is inactive and unabsorbed by humans. Also, many clinics are using sodium bags and mixing them with B12, which makes them hypertonic and non-absorbable and increases potential for a misfeed and phlebitis (pain and inflammation at the infusion site). You NEVER mix Vitamin C with anything. It's always given alone in Distilled Water, never Sodium of D5W (glucose). And adding B12 makes the entire bag so hypertonic it is a waste of time and $$ to even bother with...(you know B12 is in the bag if the bag is yellow). 

Dr.Klenner never used premixed stored IVC injectables. He always made each patient's bags on site just before administration. Premixed IV injectables from compounders are made in large batches and bottled and shelved and we can't guarantee the strength or quality of what is being given. or how it was handled in shipment. Dr.Cathcart's videos online show him using compounded C with EDTA as a preservative. This was NOT what Klenner did. We have no recourse if the batch is useless and has turned into DL-Ascorbate from improper environmental controls or handling. 

Some in the AltMed industry say it takes a long time to turn into DL form, but studies in labs show it can be immediate in the right conditions (UV light and oxygen exposure) and so our opinion is why give any potentially useless product to the patient at all ? In a fluid solution like what is used for IV, it can turn into the DL form much faster than powder in a jar, which you watch turn tan or yellow as it oxidizes over weeks.

 It is critical that the IV mixtures be done in a light free environment and covered with a light free bag or foil to insure maximum biological activity. This means that you have to peel back the covering to check on the IV status. A small peel back to check is OK but most nurses and technicians know how long an IV will take and therefore unless there's an obvious problem like a misfeed, or pain or other symptoms, it should be left alone. These longer IVs require the insertion of a flexible cannula/catheter into the vein and NOT a butterfly needle. You should NEVER have an IV-C in a clear uncovered bag. It is a complete waste of time and $$, yet it seems to be common practice... !



First of all, many clinicians are only doing 1-3 hr. IVs and charging anywhere between $150-$200 each, and doing it 2-3 times a week for months. This is NOT what Dr.Klenner taught. The patient should have drips continually in acute conditions or chronic infections until you start to see change (assuming they're kidneys are working well and they have no G6PD Enzyme issues). If you read any of Klenner's papers, the protocols and mechanisms of action are clear. We don't believe the drips should ever be less than 8 hours, and even 24+ hrs. for acute illness when possible to see significant noticeable change. Also, it should be combined with Liposomal oral form at home to help keep serum levels up.


Most physicians offices in the US I've met or observed are doing it incorrectly and the patient is basically getting expensive water which he's peeing out before leaving the office sometimes !

In order for Vitamin C to get into the lymphatics where most of the work is done, you have to get up and move around to drive it into the tissues. Next, each person has their own "dose limits" and there is no such thing as a "standardized" dose. You have to use Effective Dose for the individual instead. It depends on the poisons and toxins and the person's detoxification capability that day, kidney clearance, etc. since it varies daily. For certain patients like Cancer patients, there is a risk of tumor lysis crisis, so it must be done slowly and carefully.


High dose Vitamin C is oxidative in action, and therefore should NOT be mixed with other ingredients so that they are not oxidized. Clinics in the US commonly like to mix up bags with multiple ingredients and run them for 1-3 hrs, which is fine, EXCEPT for Vitamin C which should only be mixed in Distilled Water and given alone, never in a mixture.  

High Dose Vitamin C mixed in a bag of Saline or Glucose and then mixed with other ingredients like minerals or B Vitamins particularly changes the osmolarity of the bag and depending on the added ingredients, can renders the ingredients pretty useless because they can't be absorbed but rather are "repelled"...(hypertonic) i.e. think of dripping water onto a rock or bouncing off a blown up balloon...the pressure changes in the blood and the cells can't absorb the ingredients and the IV is now "hypertonic". In addition, especially Saline bags mixed with Vitamin C can also cause pain at the IV port site and misfeeds more easily...Vitamin C needs to be given low and slow in Distilled Water only in our opinion...



It really depends on training and the willingness of the physician to take the time and effort. In the business of medicine, we are taught that equipment and IV Chairs are "Income Centers" and that we need to maximize income by making sure that the chair or equipment has the maximum usage. That means keeping IV Chairs full as much as possible but that can be hard to do if the cost is perceived to be too high or benefits are low because of poor technique, etc. 

Selling a 1-3 hr. drip is more financially feasible for most Americans, who want things fast and packaged in a neat understandable way. It also lowers the cost per IV which makes it more "sellable" also. However, the fact that the patient is not getting a customized "effective dose" or that the bags are not mixed right or handled correctly or they're using a poor quality Vitamin C, etc. doesn't seem to change the way things are done for the most part. An 8-12 hr. drip for multiple days is not something most physicians are either trained in or aren't able to accommodate because of strict facilities-use laws or business hour restrictions, etc.

Many physician offices are located in facilities which they can't legally treat patients more than 10 hrs. per day. They'd have to register with their city and medical board as an outpatient clinic (like many private surgeons do) rather than just a medical office. It also has to do with overnight parking availability, insurance, etc. Some clinics are simply not well equipped to handle the tough types of cases we get either.

A good measure of their commitment and business practices is to see how long their initial consultation and exam is. If it is less than 1 hour (not the wait time but the actual exam and consult time) then it's a good indication of how they practice. Our new patient consults, physical exam takes about 3 hours.


Only the Highest Quality & Strict Standards Insures Success. Many Physicians are not willing to go to this trouble anymore and certainly a 1-3 hr. IV drip of useless C is NOT what is the "effective dose" (to be fair, their training is not always the best either...)

We believe that in order to help insure the best outcomes, you need:

1. Use of Certified Non-GMO Vitamin C Powder. Most Vitamin C is coming from China and is a cultured product that starts with Glucose from GMO Corn. This is not acceptable to us and we can't guarantee that compounding pharmacies making premixed product are using Non-GMO Corn Vitamin C. The quality of the glucose used to make L-Ascorbic is dependent on the source of the raw material and how it's processed. It's important to know your origins.

2. DO NOT use premixed compounded injectable Vitamin C because we don't know where the origin of raw material or how it has been handled. It's only as good as the pharmacist's due diligence.

3. Each bag should be DISTILLED WATER ONLY, and custom mixed on site for the patient to insure the highest activity, according to Dr.Klenner's instructions. It takes more time but is worth it in the long run...Premixed C also needs to have EDTA as a preservative to protect it from oxidation...fresh mixing doesn't require EDTA generally...

4. Each bag should be mixed in a light-free environment to protect it from UV and oxygen as much as possible, as explained earlier.

5. Each IV bag/bottle must be covered with a light free bag or foil

6. Never use Sodium or Glucose but Distilled Water Only for optimal osmolarity

7. Drips need to run until we see positive change. Low and Slow is best. At least a minimum of 8 hrs.,12 hrs. or 24+ or whatever we can get. Prices can be kept more reasonable if bags are mixed directly also instead of compounded. The number of treatments will vary with the patient and what the goals are.

8. Patients must eat every few hours to prevent severe hypoglycemia, however IVs work best in a slightly hypoglycemic state...

9. Nanospheric Liposomal Oral Vitamin C should be used simultaneously when not in the clinic to keep serum levels up. Oral powdered does not effect serum levels because of limitations due to feedback mechanisms.

Modified Klenner Protocol: The Watts Drip

This was created by the great late Dr.David Watts who was an American MD and Biochemist, practicing in Tijuana for many years and who had long waiting lists because of his fantastic results. This method was used as part of a foundational program for many different conditions and is fantastic for detoxification programs. It is a minimum of 24 hrs. and is modified to include Vitamin C (low dose), B vitamins, Hydrochloric acid, and then ozone is slowly added, which seems counter intuitive but that's what Dr.Watts did...and he had hundreds of loyal patients who did fantastically well as evidenced by the large waiting list.



New Patient Consultation & Exam with LBA Blood & Dried Blood Analysis: $450

Comprehensive Chemistry Panel including G6PD Enzyme test if indicated: $150.00

Outpatient: $400 for 8 hr. drip x 7 Days/wk $2800.00 + Lodging & Meals

24 hr. Drip $850.00/ drip x # Days includes 24 hr. monitoring

If an acute condition is being treated, more than 24 hrs. may be required and hospitalization for high risk patients.


24 hrs. / $1250.00 ea. includes 24 hr. nursing & meals. Some individuals who are high risk may need several days and depending on G6PD Enzyme test, may not be candidates for this aggressive treatment.



Liposomal oral Vitamin C can be actually more effective than the IV form since it is both fat and water soluble. IV-C is only water soluble and is eliminated rapidly thorough the kidneys which is why it must be given at such high doses for so long. However for acute conditions, IV-C is indicated and then should be supplemented with the Liposomal form.  

Lipisomal C, Lipisomal Resveratrol/Curcumin, Liposomal Glutathione, etc. are available from Dr.Bormann's company Arrowhead Healthworks. 909-338-3533.

NanoSphericLipoC.pdf (PDF — 313 KB)


(909)338-3533. After which an New Patient Evaluation office visit and physical exam with Dr.Sonia will be scheduled at the clinic in TJ.


Research Resources:

Dr.Thomas Levy took Klenner's work and published it in book form several years ago "Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases & Toxins" and has updated it since in his recent book "Primal Panacea". He also has 2 DVDs showing the reversal of terminal brain injury patient gotten off ECMO, documented by New Zealand 60 Minutes. Well worth watching. It's Called Living Proof. See the link below.

Dr.Klenner's papers are available from, the original orthomolecular medicine society webpabe.

Dr.Stone's book online about Vitamin C

The Healing Factor: Vitamin C Against DiseaseC

Information about risks of G6PD Enzyme Deficiency and Hemolysis potential (usually individuals of African or Middle Eastern Decent)

FOR QUESTIONS, Call Dr.Bormann's Arrowhead Healthworks Calif. Office at

909-338-3533 9-5 M-F PST. 10-1 Sat., Closed Sunday

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